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現任獨立飲食策展平台Table Bible創辦人、葡萄酒&飲食觀察專欄作家。

飲食的熱愛起源於饕母,甦醒了我對生活的熱情,沒有什麼比Live Kitchen更雙關,活在廚房也生存現場,用聽覺、嗅覺與觸覺,揭開味蕾交響。



Jade C. Tsai

I graduated with a degree in Political Science, where people always asked me the question, “Are you going to be our first female President of Taiwan?”

Over the years, I have acquired the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits, ISG Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1, and SSI Sake Navigator.

I am the founder of the independent food experience curating platform–Table Bible, and a columnist for topics on foods and wines.

My love towards food comes from my gourmand mother, who had awoken my passion for life ever since I was little. No food experience could be more well rounded than your own presence in the kitchen, where you could explore the world of food with all of your senses.

One of my favorite dishes is Taiwanese street food—yam balls. A yam ball goes through high temperature deep-frying, like life goes through turmoil and hardships. And then it rises into a round shape with each bite full of beautiful flavor and texture. It reminds me of Taiwanese people’s vitality and spirituality.